Dangers and Causes of Gas Explosions

Natural gas is a popular source of energy for millions of home appliances throughout Maryland and the country, including stoves, water heaters, furnaces, dryers, generators, and space heaters. Even though homeowners use this energy source every day without a second thought, gas leaks can be very dangerous and can even cause explosions when leaks go undetected.

At Murphy Falcon & Murphy, our team of personal injury lawyers have years of experience helping clients fight cases surrounding injuries that have occurred and expenses incurred due to gas leak explosions. Our law firm wants to help you gather details of the situation in order to create a solid lawsuit against the defendant/s. Get in touch with an attorney today to talk about your unique situation.

What Causes Gas Explosions?

An explosion can occur when a gas pipe is leaking. In a confined space like a home or business, the gas will mix with the air, increasing the pressure of the space. When there is a spark or flame (even a static electricity spark might be enough) present, the gas will ignite, causing an explosion. Natural gas, methane, propane, and butane are several types of gas that can cause explosions. Some common situations that cause a gas explosion include:

  • When a gas furnace, stove, or other appliance is used incorrectly.
  • When appliances are installed incorrectly.
  • Gas lines that run from the street to a house are old, rusty, or damaged.
  • Gas operated equipment is defective.
  • Appliances were not properly maintained.
  • Faulty propane tank tubes or valves leak gas.

Not all gas explosions are severe, but in some cases, it can cause injury to anyone in the area, damage to the property, and even death.

Liability in Gas Leak Explosions

There may be several possible liable parties when a gas leak causes an explosion. The manufacturer or seller of the appliance could be liable if they made or sold a defective appliance and it caused an explosion. The installer of the appliance or the person who installed it could also be held liable. There may also be several parties at fault when, for example, a defective valve causes the gas leak and bad electrical wiring causes a spark.

Liability doesn’t always fall on someone else, however. The cause of the explosion could be a result of improper maintenance on the homeowner or business owners part. If a lawsuit is brought and you are found to be partially at fault, you may still be able to receive some compensation; however, the amount may be reduced depending on the level of fault.

Gas leak explosions can be extremely dangerous, costly, and possibly deadly. If you have been injured due to a gas leak explosion, contact our personal injury law firm in Baltimore, Maryland today. Our attorneys will take a close look at the details of the situation to determine if and how we can help. These cases can be complicated, but our team has the knowledge and experience to ensure you get the maximum compensation for your losses. Get in touch with Murphy Falcon & Murphy today for a free consultation.