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Hassan Murphy & Nick Szokoly Present at the 2018 CLM Bermuda Chapter Event

Hassan Murphy & Nick Szokoly presented at the 2018 Bermuda Chapter CLM event held in the beautiful Chubb Insurance HQ in Hamilton Bermuda with Colm Singleton from Allied World Assurance Company. The presentation, “Bridging the Gap – Everything Plaintiff’s Lawyers Wish Claims Professionals Knew”, provided insight on what it takes to obtain a successful outcome… read more


Driver PSA: Maryland’s ‘Move Over’ Law Now in Effect

Starting back on October 1st, 2018, drivers in Maryland have had to adapt to a new ‘Move Over’ traffic law. According to the new law, drivers must slow down or change lanes when they see certain stopped vehicles on the side of the road. While the state has had a ‘Move Over’ law in place… read more


Hassan Murphy to Speak at HB Litigations Class Action Mastery | May 9, 2018 | New York

Hassan Murphy to Speak at HB Litigations Class Action Mastery | May 9, 2018 | New York Wednesday, MAY 9, 2018 | New York 2:00 pm Determining Damages in Class Actions Once you know what the claims are you must be able to establish the monetary extent of the harm. Our panel will address: • Proving… read more


Murphy, Falcon & Murphy Welcomes John G. Harnishfeger as Our Newest Partner

Murphy, Falcon & Murphy is pleased to announce that John G. Harnishfeger will be joining the firm as a partner, bringing over two decades of experience to our legal team. Mr. Harnishfeger is a skilled trial attorney who has built a reputation as a powerful advocate for those harmed by negligence and the willful acts… read more


William Murphy, Jr. Featured in NBC’s “Baltimore: ChangeMakers”

NBC News has featured Murphy, Falcon & Murphy’s own William “Billy” Murphy, Jr. in their “Baltimore: ChangeMakers” series. The series is intended to introduce readers to “some of the individuals who are engaging youth, seeking to improve their neighborhoods block by block, and demanding that their voices be heard in corridors of power.” Murphy, Jr…. read more


Recognizing the Real Harm Caused by Data Breaches

Naturally, individuals that sign up for this service exchange highly personal information that is meant to be kept private. Now, thanks to a breach of security, it’s no longer private-it is out there for everyone to see. Andrew Auernheimer, a controversial computer hacker, used Twitter to publicly identify AdultFriendFinder’s customers which included a police academy… read more


Can Hospitals Police Their Surgery Practice?

A recent article in U.S. News & World Report discusses the relationship between the volume of surgeries and the success of outcomes. The conclusion was simple: hospitals that routinely perform certain procedures have better outcomes than hospitals that seldom perform the same procedures. This is not a novel proposition. For decades, evidence has shown that… read more


MFM Seeks Justice and Truth Behind the Death of Freddie Gray

Attorney William “Billy” Murphy, Jr. released a statement regarding Freddie Gray’s death. Gray, a young black man from Baltimore, died after a forceful arrest. Authorities claim he was taken without arrest or incident for having a switchblade. However, our attorney sees things differently. In his released statement, Murphy said, On last Sunday morning at about… read more


Forced Arbitration Clauses are Limiting the Rights of Consumers

Last month, the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued a finding that consumers across the country are being unjustly limited in their legal options as a direct result of a recent Supreme Court decision. The issues involved may seem overly technical and legally dense, but they are having real consequences for real people every… read more


Being Invested in Our Medical Care

Going to the doctor can feel like just another thing to check off the list, but sometimes this can lead to missed opportunities. Have you ever left your doctor’s office thinking about that one questions you wish you would have asked? Have you ever had confusion or questions over something your doctor told you but… read more