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The Story of Jordan McNair: A Baltimore Tragedy

On June 13, 2018, 19-year-old Jordan McNair passed away as a result of heatstroke during a school football team workout two weeks prior. He was a talented young athlete who played as an offensive lineman for the University of Maryland. Jordan’s family and friends remember his “genuine and endearing smile,” as well as his outstanding work… read more


Listen to Murphy Falcon Murphy’s Oral Argument at the US Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

Our highly skilled attorneys Nick Szokoly and Jessica Meeder presented an oral argument to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, Ohio. Listen to Murphy, Falcon & Murphy’s Oral Argument at the US Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals here: Court Audio 17-6241 MS v Hamilton County Dept of Ed et al


Murphy, Falcon & Murphy Represents the Parents of University of Maryland Football Player Jordan McNair

Media Coverage of McNair Case Media outlets covering Murphy Falcon & Murphy and the parents of University of Maryland Football Player Jordan McNair can be found here: Boomer Esiason calls for Maryland president and athletic director to exit after Jordan McNair death UMD football team announces plan to honor Jordan McNair during 2018 season and beyond… read more


Prepare for the Most Expensive Driving Season in Years

If you’re mapping out a summertime road trip, you might want to change your plans. Today’s crude oil market is tight, which translates into the highest gas prices the nation has seen in years. Add to that an increase in road hazards, summertime construction projects, and auto accidents and you have a recipe for a… read more


Help to Overcome a Fear of Swimming

Aquaphobia, or a fear of water, can translate into a fear of swimming and a fear of drowning. These are common fears that affect thousands of people around the world. Being afraid to get in the water, however, can put a damper on your summer. If you or your child is trying to overcome a… read more


4 Ways the Gun-Trace Task Force Terrorized Baltimore for Years

The Gun-Trace Task Force was supposedly an effort to get illegal guns off the streets in Baltimore. What it really was – as investigations later showed – was a police corruption scandal resulting in the conviction and imprisonment of several local police officers. The Gun-Trace Task Force was an “elite” Baltimore police team consisting of… read more


Are People Experiencing Media Fatigue Over Police Brutality?

Media fatigue is a very real problem in the Age of Technology. With thousands of messages coming at the average consumer every day, becoming overwhelmed by media is common. “Media fatigue” describes a user pulling back from the media after becoming overwhelmed by too much press on a certain subject – or any subject at… read more


How Common Is It for Police to Plant Evidence in Baltimore?

Planting evidence means to establish proof of someone’s guilt by changing or adding false evidence to the scene of the crime. It is an illegal practice that can lead to the courts wrongfully convicting an innocent person. Police officers, the ones employed to protect and serve the people of Baltimore, might be the last people… read more


Swim Hazards to Be on the Lookout for This Summer

Summer in Baltimore is best spent poolside…at least, until someone falls victim to an unintentional drowning accident. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drowning takes about 10 lives per day. Swimming hazards can arise in any body of water, to someone of any age; especially if the property owner is negligent in… read more


How Common Is Sexual Assault in Schools?

Parents of teens and adolescents have a lot to worry about when it comes to raising children these days. They worry about app use and screen time, driving and cyberbullying. One thing they may not consider, however, is the prevalence of sexual assault in schools. Sexual assault is not something any parent wants to think… read more