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Category: Sexual Abuse


[Study] Sexual Misconduct Among Healthcare Professionals

The prevalence of sexual misconduct is a serious issue-one that can affect anyone, anywhere.  The healthcare industry is no exception. Cases of sexual misconduct and assault committed by notable doctors and other medical professionals have made national headlines, indicating serious issues at the institutional level. But how often do health care professionals actually receive disciplinary… read more


How Common Is Sexual Assault in Schools?

Parents of teens and adolescents have a lot to worry about when it comes to raising children these days. They worry about app use and screen time, driving and cyberbullying. One thing they may not consider, however, is the prevalence of sexual assault in schools. Sexual assault is not something any parent wants to think… read more


Murphy Falcon Murphy Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Saint Frances Academy

Today, we filed a class action lawsuit against Saint Frances Academy, a private Roman Catholic high school located in Baltimore City, on behalf of Jill Doe[1], a current Saint Frances Academy student, and all current and former students at Saint Frances Academy who were harassed, sexually assaulted, abused, exploited, and/or inappropriately touched by Ryan Penalver,… read more


Can Sexual Abuse Cause Early Puberty

Victims of sexual abuse early in life have to deal with many ramifications of abuse on their emotional, mental, and psychosocial selves – not to mention possible physical outcomes of childhood sexual abuse. Now, researchers from multiple studies believe that sexual abuse could literally steal childhood away from female victims in the form of early-onset… read more


Baltimore Sexual Assault News Recap: Rabbi Accused Of Sexual Abuse At Camp

Employers terminated Rabbi Shmuel Krawatsky from his post at the Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School in Maryland on January 18, 2018 amid allegations of child sexual abuse. The rabbi also lost his position as leader of a minyan for teens with disabilities at a local synagogue. The sexual assault claim has rippled through the Baltimore… read more


Understanding Sexual Assault At the Hands of a Doctor

Most of us see doctors as confidants who we trust with our most intimate medical problems. We expect them to provide us with the compassionate care and competent skill that is needed to nurse us back to health. What we don’t anticipate is that some doctors might abuse this relationship of trust to satisfy their… read more