Understanding Sexual Assault At the Hands of a Doctor

Most of us see doctors as confidants who we trust with our most intimate medical problems. We expect them to provide us with the compassionate care and competent skill that is needed to nurse us back to health. What we don’t anticipate is that some doctors might abuse this relationship of trust to satisfy their own carnal desires.

Incidents of Sexual Assault by physicians are a harsh reality in today’s world. Suffering through one of these incidents can harm your body and mind indefinitely. However, this unwelcome conduct is not without recompense. The laws regulating health care professionals strictly forbid this behavior and victims have legal recourse through negligence and intentional tort actions.

Understanding the Law

When a doctor commits one of the heinous acts there are several ways the law may intervene. First, doctors can be penalized by state licensing boards. In some cases, they may even lose their license to practice medicine. Doctors can also be subject to criminal actions for which they could end up in jail or prison for a considerable time. Finally, the medical agency and the physician could be directly liable to the patient in a civil action.

Initiating a Civil Suit

If you are the victim of sexual assault or molestation by a physician, you may be able to sue him or her personally. As mentioned above, you may also have an action against the hospital that employed the doctor. Because this area of law is fairly complicated, it is a good idea to hire an experienced lawyer who knows the ropes. Your attorney can analyze the case and determine which causes of action are appropriate.

Common actions in this area of law include professional negligence and medical malpractice. However, your attorney may add additional claims or defendants as he or she sees appropriate.

Getting Compensation for Your Injuries

If you successfully prove your case, you may receive compensation in the form of money damages. These funds can be granted to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Due to the psychological damage caused by these events, you may even consider asking for loss of consortium.

This type of damage seeks to compensate you for your inability to be intimate with a spouse or significant other. In the end, the types of damages you can receive depend on the particular facts of your case. It is best to consult with an attorney about the possible outcomes.

If you believe you are a victim Sexual Assault by a medical professional it is important to seek help now. Lawsuits must be filed in timely fashion to comply with each state’s statute of limitations. The law firm of Murphy, Falcon & Murphy can help! OurBaltimore Sexual Assault by a doctor lawyers can guide you through the entire process.

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