About Our Firm


Based on the exceptional success rates achieved by our trial attorneys, it's clear we're serious about keeping this commitment to our clients.


Murphy, Falcon & Murphy is comprised of some of the leading trial lawyers in Baltimore. Our team of personal injury attorneys shares extensive experience handling complex civil and criminal litigation, which gives us a unique platform from which to serve our clients. We are passionate about giving a voice to those who have a compelling story to tell and securing not just compensation, but also justice on their behalf. We take pride in watching new policies and laws develop after we’ve successfully tried a case.

At our core, our firm is aggressive, proactive, and tenacious, zealously fighting for the best interests of each of our clients. Whether through a favorable settlement or an exhaustive courtroom battle, we are driven to win cases. We have the experience, drive, know-how, and resources to take on cases in some of the toughest jurisdictions in the country.


“For well over 70 years, the Murphy name in Baltimore has been synonymous with legal advocacy, tenacious representation, and a commitment to fighting for justice, which are values that continue to drive our firm's work.”

Here’s what differentiates Murphy, Falcon & Murphy


As we understand the strengths and weaknesses of our clients’ positions, this dual perspective helps us to better serve clients both in Baltimore and beyond. Our attorneys have refined their ability to accurately and confidently assess a case, understand the weaknesses of our opponents, and then either craft novel settlement solutions or prevail at trial. It is this diversity of experience that most informs our practice.


Our formidable team of trial lawyers is large enough to handle some of the nation’s most complicated litigation, yet small and responsive enough to provide the kind of quality client service that is not normally found in larger, factory-style firms. We strive to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring we understand their perspective and their side of the story for a more successful outcome.


As an African-American-owned firm founded in Baltimore City, we take pride in cultivating a group of attorneys who are diverse not only racially and ethnically, but also in terms of background experiences beyond the law. Our team includes a former trial judge, former prosecutors, law school professors, and judicial law clerks. One of our attorneys is an electrical

engineer, and another has handled mergers, acquisitions, corporate finance, and other large-scale transactions for Fortune 100 companies. It is this breadth of knowledge and diversity of perspectives that separates our attorneys from those at other law firms in the region and across the nation.


Our partners and senior attorneys are able to keep in constant contact with our clients and tailor legal services to suit their specific needs as a result of the lack of stratification, which is often found at other law firms. This lack of bureaucracy characterizes our firm-wide culture of collaboration and allows us to offer flexible and creative ideas, innovative litigation strategies, unconventional settlement solutions, and most of all, helps us achieve success on behalf of our clients.

When clients reach out to us, they don’t get just one lawyer — they get a team. This experience is unique to Murphy, Falcon & Murphy, and is something that we have continued to uphold throughout our 70 years of service.