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Category: Bus Accidents


Baltimore News: Bus Plunged Off a Highway

On March 13th, 2018, a bus full of 49 people plunged 50 feet into a ravine on a rural stretch of Interstate 10 near the Alabama-Florida state line. The accident killed the driver, Harry Caligone of Houston, Texas, and seriously injured dozens of others – mostly students riding the charter bus home from a spring… read more


Long-Term Impact of Bus Accidents

In a city where many people rely on public transportation to get around, it is imperative that the driver and company responsible for the bus use the utmost caution to ensure the safety of the passengers. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and collisions can occur. Many bus accidents occur due to the negligence… read more


Baltimore Bus Crash Injures 30

Around 9:30 this morning, a charter bus overturned on southbound I-95 in Harford County. It has completely shut down the roadway, and thirty people aboard the bus have been injured. Two are in critical condition. Around twenty-six of the wounded were children, and the others were chaperones and the bus driver. The vehicle was headed… read more


Four Dead, Seven Critically Injured in Tragic Bus and Train Collision in Mississippi

A Texas-based charter bus carrying senior citizens on a casino outing was struck by a freight train in Biloxi, Mississippi. Four people were killed and seven were critically injured. The bus was headed north on Main Street when it got stuck crossing the train tracks in Biloxi, where the eastbound CSX train eventually collided into… read more


Update on Baltimore MTA & School Bus Crash

As more information is released, we begin to see the horror that was the collision involving the MTA bus and a local school vehicle. We previously detailed the crash, but more details regarding the circumstances have been uncovered. Here is more of what has been released. New Footage Shows Speeding School Bus In Crash Footage… read more


MTA, School Bus Crash Results In 6 Deaths

Police in Baltimore and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating a crash involving a school bus and a Maryland Transit Administration bus early Tuesday morning. The collision resulted in the death of 6 people, including the drivers of both vehicles. Ten others were injured when the school bus swerved into the lanes of oncoming… read more