How To Help A Friend Or Loved One Who’s Dealing With A Birth Injury

Defining Birth Injury

In order to be effective in how you help a loved one, it’s important that you know the differences between different kinds of birth injuries and what a traumatic birth injury entails. There’s a huge difference between birth injuries and difficult birth. Birth trauma is actually classified as PTSD that is caused after childbirth. In fact, around 9% of women experience PTSD after the birth of the child and many mothers have flashbacks, panic attacks, difficulty sleeping, and anxiety after birth as a result. In severe cases, this can result in a sense of detachment from the child and from those they surround themselves with. Many times, the cause of PTSD after birth is often a birth injury. Birth injuries can be caused by an of things including infections during pregnancy, cardiac complications during birth, emergency c-sections, misuse of birth-assisting tools, problems with the umbilical cord, and just neglect toward the mother and the baby while they’re in the hospital. 

The most common type of birth injuries often is inflicted upon the child, who must suffer the ultimate price for the mistakes made by others. Common birth injuries include brain injuries, physical injuries, and even infection-related injuries. These can all result in long-term issues like nerve-damage, bone fractures, long-term brain development issues, as well as other bodily problems.  

In these extremely difficult situations, there’s only so much help you can provide as a friend or family member to a mother who is grieving about the wrongs done and the traumatic experiences associated with a birth injury. Here’s how we recommend helping the mother navigate the extremely delicate situation she’s in. 

Let Her Tell Her Story When She’s Ready

Traumatic births are an extremely difficult experience and that’s worsened when this has happened around an event that was supposed to be a happy, and incredible experience, rather than a new dark cloud. As you likely know, one of the best ways to navigate a bad situation is to discuss it and explore the other person’s options. However, at first, they may simply need someone to listen to their story, as talking about an issue often provides a feeling of cleansing yourself of that issue. Many mothers who have suffered a birth injury of any sort often share feelings of not being listened to while in the delivery room. A way to help them relieve that trauma is to listen to them now.  

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

A mother that just went through a birth injury has much and more on her mind, and the last thing she’s thinking about is the pile of dirty dishes in the sink. If you want to help her, then help. Maybe offer to come over and help her clean up a little. She’s got loads of concerns like caring for her mental health, her new child, and wondering about when she may have to go back to work and be productive after all of this. That adds up quickly and what this new mother needs right now is not any added stress. So taking on a couple of small tasks, like providing a cooked meal, cleaning the windows, and running the vacuum through the house could do wonders for her state of mind. People who’ve experienced trauma need to be shown love and appreciation just as much as they need help, so do both. 

Help Her Find Therapeutic Hobbies

As much as naptime is needed for a brand new little one, break time is needed for mom. During break time and any free time, it can be easy to try and rehash and nearly relive that traumatic experience. Keeping the new mother’s mind off of these subjects and helping her occupy herself with good activities can be one of the most beneficial ways to help her clear her mind and find a sense of grounding. Activities like sketching, painting, and sculpting, or otherwise doing work with their hands that could be considered creative to be a very therapeutic experience. This can help wash away emotional pains. You could even become her workout partner and help her relieve stress via movement and a good sweat. In-turn, if she’s not finding new hobbies or activities to be particularly good at relieving her stress, you could offer to help her find a therapist. Sometimes, trauma can be too hard to shake off by itself. Helping her find a professional that can help her address all of these issues in her own time might be one of the most beneficial ways you can help her. 

Help Her Find The Right Birth Injury Lawyer

The justice system can be intimidating. Legal complications look to take long periods of time and lots of money, and those are two resources that most people don’t have in abundance. Mentally preparing yourself to attempt to find a lawyer, or even approach the idea of getting the legal system involved in the case of the birth injury and trauma a family has sustained can be more than a little daunting. The family, in so many respects, will need support on all sides, and one of the ways you could really help them is getting them in touch with a proper birth injury lawyer that can help them assess their case and make important decisions on how they’re going to move forward. In some cases, pursuing legal counsel could help the couple or new mother find out more about her options and learn about the situation she’s in and how the courts may view it. In the end, the couple or new mother may receive financial assistance that could offer a huge benefit to help them pay for their child’s increasingly more complex medical issues, or for the pain and suffering associated with the event. 

Contact Murphy Falcon & Murphy For A Birth Injury Attorney

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