Murphy, Falcon & Murphy Sues Google for Potentially Evading Privacy Settings on Apple’s Safari Browser


In this current case of potentially egregious Internet privacy violations, Murphy, Falcon & Murphy is currently representing a group of individuals whose privacy has been compromised by Google, Inc. Until February 2012, Google falsely claimed to be compatible with settings on Apple’s Safari browser, which includes privacy settings designed to block cookies from third-party sites, like the tracking cookies used by Google and Facebook.

Google stated in its privacy policy that users did not need to change the default privacy settings to avoid tracking. Yet Google had in fact found a way to circumvent these settings, and was tracking users who were unaware that their privacy was at risk.

Google claims that it has stopped the practice of installing cookies on the computers and devices of Safari users, yet online privacy is still a huge concern for Internet users. As of July 2012, Google is the most-visited website in the world, according to web information provider Alexa, making privacy breaches an even more pressing issue.