Women Kidnapped at National Gas Station Chain

- Settlement

Murphy, Falcon & Murphy represented three women in three separate cases against a national gas station chain for failing to protect them from foreseeable crimes of violence. All three women were kidnapped while attempting to pump gas and later forced to withdraw money from ATMs and sexually assaulted.

It was apparent that the gas stations took precautions to protect their products and employees, as demonstrated through locked doors, bulletproof glass, and security cameras inside the facilities. Yet the stations made little effort to protect their customers. Ads covered windows, obstructing employees’ views of the pumps and customers. Poor lighting, inadequate fencing, faulty security cameras and untrained employees all contributed to these kidnappings. Murphy, Falcon & Murphy was able to show, through evidence and compelling arguments, that because of each area’s high rate of violent crimes, these gas stations had a heightened duty to protect their customers, which they ultimately failed to do.