Carbon Monoxide Poisoning on Beach Vacation Causes Severe Brain Damage to Family

- Settlement

Two longtime friends visiting a hotel in Daytona Beach, Florida were poisoned by carbon monoxide which had escaped into their hotel room due to foreseeable and preventable malfunctions of the hotel’s hot water heating system. Both individuals suffered profound brain damage as the result of breathing excessive levels of carbon monoxide.

In pursuit of a substantial settlement, attorney Paula Xinis assumed lead responsibility for the liability phase of the case, including the taking and defending of lay witness and expert depositions, working closely with structural and mechanical engineers, and reviewing thousands of pages of subpoenaed documents in connection with structural damage that led to the carbon monoxide incident. She also prepared business valuation analyses to show how our client’s brain damage from carbon monoxide impaired their ability to function as a sole proprietor and a CEO. Paula worked closely with forensic accountants and economists at every phase of the litigation including taking and defending numerous critical depositions until the case resolved just weeks before trial.

The case settled in favor of our clients.

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