MFM Seeks Justice and Truth Behind the Death of Freddie Gray

Attorney William “Billy” Murphy, Jr. released a statement regarding Freddie Gray’s death. Gray, a young black man from Baltimore, died after a forceful arrest. Authorities claim he was taken without arrest or incident for having a switchblade. However, our attorney sees things differently.

In his released statement, Murphy said,

On last Sunday morning at about 8 a.m., the police chased Freddie Gray, a 27 year old healthy man, without any evidence he had committed a crime. His take-down and arrest without probable cause occurred under a police video camera, which taped everything including the police dragging and throwing Freddie into a police vehicle while he screamed in pain. While in police custody, his spine was 80 percent severed at his neck. He lapsed into a coma, died, was resuscitated, stayed in a coma and on Monday, underwent extensive surgery at Shock Trauma to save his life. He clung to life for seven days and died today at approximately 7 a.m. We believe the police are keeping the circumstances of Freddie’s death secret until they develop a version of events that will absolve them of all responsibility. However, his family and the citizens of Baltimore deserve to know the real truth; and we will not stop until we get justice for Freddie.