Unnecessary Stent Procedures Performed at Baltimore-Area Hospital

Case Value $50M - Settlement

In January 2010, Murphy, Falcon & Murphy filed a class action against St. Joseph Medical Center alleging that noted cardiologist Dr. Mark Midei had implanted hundreds, if not thousands, of unnecessary cardiac stents in unsuspecting patients without their informed consent. The class action was certified in April 2013.

It is alleged that St. Joseph and Dr. Midei misinformed these patients that their coronary arteries were blocked at levels which indicated that insertion of a cardiac stent was necessary, when in fact they were not. As a result, these patients underwent a medical procedure that included risk of death, heart attack, stroke,and coronary artery damage, and many will be forced to endure long-term drug therapy and monitoring.

Each of the members of the class are currently seeking damages for undergoing an invasive medical procedure that they did not need, and which presents medical challenges for them that will never subside.