Restaurant Workers Suffer Brain Damage from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Case Value $34.4M - Verdict

Murphy, Falcon & Murphy represented twenty Inner Harbor restaurant workers who were exposed to leaking carbon monoxide over the course of two weeks in 2008. The release, which was discovered only when the leak exceeded 600 parts per million (ppm), was far over the Emergency Exposure Guideline Levels set forth by the Center for Disease Control for prolonged exposure. As a result of this extended period at risk, the employees suffered varying degrees of brain damage.

These restaurant employees had unknowingly been placed in a dangerous work environment at the hands of negligent hotel management. Many of those injured were young people finishing their education and starting their careers, and the brain damage they suffered as a result of this incident has caused them difficulties in their ability to start the careers they had dreamed about and planned for. It has also caused many of them problems in personal relationships as they struggled to adapt to their limitations.

Murphy, Falcon & Murphy fought to ensure that the quality of life for these employees was supported financially, including lost future earnings and medical expenses.

After three months of trial, the jury awarded the workers a total of $34.4 million for the brain damage suffered as a result of carbon monoxide exposure.

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