Murphy, Falcon & Murphy Settles $5 Million Police Brutality Lawsuit

Case Value $5M - Settlement

Led by attorneys Paula Xinis and Andrew O’Connell and Pam Diedrich, Murphy, Falcon & Murphy recently settled a lawsuit against the Borough of Lindenwold, New Jersey and one of its police K9 officers for $4,999,999.99.

The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey and alleged a Lindenwold police officer unleashed his K9 on our client without any justification or cause during a traffic stop. The lawsuit further alleged that after suffering serious bite injuries to his legs, our client was placed in a chokehold by the arresting officer, which caused a massive ischemic stroke. Tragically, the attack occurred in plain view of our client’s wife and two young children, all of whom suffered serious psychological injuries from witnessing the brutalization of their loved one.

Murphy, Falcon & Murphy filed claims on behalf of all four individuals for civil rights violations arising from the Borough of Lindenwold, New Jersey’s longstanding pattern and practice of violating citizens’ civil rights through the unchecked use of force without proper justification or cause.