Man Paralyzed After Altercation with Police

Case Value $44M - Verdict

Murphy, Falcon & Murphy represented Albert Mosley in a case of severe police brutality which left the young man with permanent and debilitating injuries. In June 2003, Mosley was picked up by the Baltimore City police for a violation of probation. Mosley, who was intoxicated, became loud and abusive while he was in a holding cell at a local police precinct.

After a physical altercation with one of the police officers on duty, Brian Kershaw, Mosley suffered a paralyzing neck injury that rendered him a permanent quadriplegic needing 24-hour care. Mosley sued Kershaw for excessive force, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Mosley hired our attorneys to recover his past medical expenses, compensate for his pain and suffering and to ensure that his future care would ultimately be covered. Murphy, Falcon & Murphy obtained a $44 million verdict for Mr. Mosley for his past and future medical expenses, as well as his pain and suffering.