Murphy, Falcon & Murphy Represents Johnson & Johnson Over Heartburn Medication Propulsid

- Verdict

International drugmaker Johnson & Johnson was sued in over 4,500 cases after the blockbuster drug Propulsid was pulled from the market in 2000. The great majority of these cases were moved to a New Orleans-based Multi-District Litigation Panel.

Johnson & Johnson was hit with a multi-million dollar verdict in the first case to trial, which set their potential exposure in the billions. They turned to Murphy, Falcon & Murphy to try the second case, as well as the first case outside of the MDL.

After a four-week trial, Murphy, Falcon & Murphy won the second trial, obtaining a defense verdict in less than an hour. The decisive verdict and the evidentiary rulings obtained during the trial altered the course of the other 4,500 cases, many of which were dismissed or settled for small amounts.