Murphy, Falcon & Murphy Represents University of Maryland for Aneurysm Treatment

- Verdict

Murphy, Falcon & Murphy successfully represented the defendants, Dr. Greg Zoarski and the University of Maryland Medical System, in a case of medical malpractice brought against Zoarski and his employer. The action alleged negligence in the use of a neuroform stent to treat an aneurysm in a blood vessel in the patient’s brain, and the failure of the defendants to obtain informed consent. The plaintiffs claimed that the procedure caused bleeding in the patient’s blood vessel, resulting in a stroke and extensive physical and mental impairment.

The use of junk science and testimony by unqualified experts is a serious problem on both the defense and plaintiff side. In this case, the landmark decision by the Maryland courts resulted in a potential limitation on the use of such junk science at trial.

At the conclusion of the plaintiff’s case, following weeks of testimony, the trial court entered a judgment in favor of the defendants, after argument by our attorneys that the experts were not qualified to render opinion. The judgment was affirmed on appeal.