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Baltimore Criminal Defense Attorneys

Reliable Criminal Defense Attorneys in Baltimore

Murphy, Falcon & Murphy’s criminal defense practice has handled some of the most complex and high-profile white-collar cases in the nation. Our lawyers have extensive experience in handling financial, regulatory, and corporate governance issues. The firm as a whole has an excellent track record in defending white-collar crimes.

What to Do After Police Charge You With a Crime

If the police have charged you with a crime, it is crucial that you seek the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately. The hours that follow an arrest can have an enormous impact on your case, so the sooner you find legal representation, the better.

After the arrest, the prosecutor will decide whether to file charges against you. If the prosecution decides to file charges, you must appear in court. The prosecution must determine whether to file charges within 48 hours of arrest.

Do Not Make a Statement to Police

Police will question you, but it is wise to wait until your lawyer is present to speak. You do not have to give the police information and should exercise your right to remain silent. Ask immediately for a lawyer to guide you through this process. Do not say anything without the permission of that lawyer.

If you confess to a crime or give information pertaining to a crime, the information can be admissible in court. Many people believe that if they are innocent of charges against them, there will be no harm in talking with police, but this isn’t necessarily true. You may inadvertently say something the police may use against you further down the road. Do not, under any circumstances, talk with police without your lawyer present.

How to Find a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Choosing a professional criminal defense lawyer can be one of the most important decisions of your life. Before choosing a lawyer, it’s important to ask around for recommendations. Good law firms will have made a name for themselves in the field. When choosing a defense lawyer, it is important to look for a few different traits.

Jury Trial Experience

Be sure that you hire a lawyer that has jury trial experience. Surprisingly, many lawyers have never handled a jury trial. All of the criminal defense lawyers at Murphy, Falcon & Murphy have jury trial experience and understand the complexities of handling a jury.


A reliable, professional criminal defense attorney will not make false promises. They will not promise results or give opinions before they have investigated the case for themselves. Ethical lawyers will be honest with you about your case and outline your rights. Steer clear of lawyers who are adamant about limiting your legal options without thoroughly exploring them with you.


Criminal defense lawyers and their firms will always have a reputation. Research them online to search for complaints, reviews, and news articles. Choose only the ones who have positive reviews and reputable case histories.

Why Choose Murphy, Falcon & Murphy?

Our firm has had decades of success working in the criminal defense field in Baltimore. Our lawyers know the criminal justice system forward and backward. Judge Billy Murphy, who has nearly 50 years of trial work and a record that is virtually unmatched for wins, leads our criminal defense efforts.

If the police have arrested you for a crime, call Murphy, Falcon & Murphy for a free case evaluation. We will help you look at your case, legal options, and give you recommendations based on our unique experiences. When we take your case, we treat you with compassion. Our job is to research every aspect of your case to ensure you receive utmost care and support in your time of need.

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