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Proven Track Record in Class Action Lawsuits

Murphy, Falcon & Murphy is experienced in complex class action litigation. We have litigated class action cases that have resulted in millions of dollars awarded to consumers. If you believe you have the basis for a class action lawsuit, call our firm today for a consultation.

Class Action Litigation

A class action suit begins when consumers join in a lawsuit that would be too small to litigate alone. For example, a defective product bought by multiple consumers can become a class action litigation that will award damages to all consumers affected. This type of litigation makes the legal system more efficient, allowing the courts to handle similar claims at one time.

Common Class Action Litigation

There are certain situations in which class action suits are an appropriate means of litigation. If you have experienced any of the following situations, the negligent company may owe your compensation from a class action lawsuit:

  • Defective products
  • Mass data breaches
  • False advertising
  • Medical drug dangers
  • Employment suits
  • Product safety concerns
  • Deceptive or unfair practices

Class action suits can be successful in awarding damages due to defects or safety issues. They can also hold companies responsible for negligent actions to ensure similar instances do not occur in the future.

Flint, Michigan Water Crisis

Murphy, Falcon & Murphy is currently heavily involved in a class action lawsuit regarding Flint’s water crisis. The firm is working to secure water bill refunds of residents who paid many years for contaminated water. Currently, the city is charging residents for water they can’t even use. The firm is working diligently to ensure city management doesn’t take further advantage of the residents of the town. Always an agent of social change, Murphy, Falcon & Murphy’s work in Flint has been no exception.

Class Action Suit Against Le Cordon Bleu

In a well-publicized case, culinary school Le Cordon Bleu was subject to a class action suit involving 2,200 former students. The for-profit school allegedly engaged in false advertising of its prestigious training status. The students had claimed the school provided low-quality materials and training that was far from prestigious. The parent company, Career Education Corporation, had also reached a secret deal with lender Sallie Mae to overcharge students by 44%, so they could both make heavy profits.

The result of this class action litigation resulted in settlements to pay back 44% of its students’ tuition amounts. Without the establishment of a class action litigation, students would have had a difficult time proving their case.

How We Can Help

If you have been a part of a mass data breach, experienced problems or injury with a product, or been the victim of unsafe medication, you may want to consider a class action suit. If you have had the problem, chances are likely someone else has also. We can analyze your individual case to determine whether you have the option to file an individual lawsuit or work with other consumers in order to establish a class action lawsuit.

Murphy, Falcon & Murphy Has a Proven Track Record

Murphy, Falcon & Murphy have the professional experience necessary to make a class action litigation effective. There are strict rules involved with class action suits, which can involve several years of work. You should discuss your situation with a trustworthy firm, who has experience with class action lawsuits. Our experience in class action lawsuits and our track record for success qualify us as some of the most knowledgeable class action lawsuit litigators around. Call us today to discuss your situation and we can advise you on your options.