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If you have already delivered a baby by C-section, you may be able to decide whether to attempt a vaginal birth during your next pregnancy. Prior to making this decision, your physician should determine whether you are a good candidate for this method of delivery. Unfortunately, some vaginal births after a C-section end with tragic injuries and damages.

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Why Women Consider VBAC

A vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) can be advantageous for many reasons including a shorter recovery time than a repeat C-section, and a stronger birth experience. It is also the less risky option if more children are expected in the future.

Chances for a successful VBAC are higher if the following are in place:

  • A history of only one previous low transverse uterine incision
  • A healthy pregnancy and healthy baby
  • Prior C-section factors are no longer present
  • Labor begins on time or reasonably before your due date
  • Previous success with vaginal deliveries

Chances for a successful VBAC are lower if the following are in place:

  • A delivery occurring past your due date
  • An unusually large baby
  • A history of two or more C-sections

Occasionally, serious complications may arise from a VBAC, including a uterine rupture. Rarely, the uterus may tear along the scar line of a previous C-section, in which case emergency action must be taken to save both the mother and the baby.

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