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Horner’s syndrome is a rare condition that often occurs as the result of birth injury. Horner’s syndrome stems from nerve damage leading from the brain to the eye and face on one side of the body.

It is important to investigate the circumstances surrounding your child’s condition. If medical negligence may have played a part, contact our skilled Baltimore birth injury attorneys, who aggressively advocate for justice on behalf of children in Baltimore and across the country.

Causes & Symptoms of Horner’s Syndrome

If the child’s symptoms were not due to a congenital disorder, chances are rough or forceful medical techniques resulted in injury.

Some traumatic causes of Horner’s syndrome are:

  • Misuse of forceps during the birthing process
  • Tearing infant nerves by pulling too hard
  • Shoulder dystocia
  • Slow response time to fetal distress
  • Not detecting an infant in breech position

Symptoms of Horner’s syndrome can include:

  • Miosis (constricted pupil) of the eye
  • Differing pupil sizes
  • Delayed dilation times of the pupil
  • Ptosis (droopy upper eyelid)
  • A sunken appearance of the eye
  • Minimal sweating on the affected facial region
  • Bloodshot appearance in the affected eye
  • Absence of redness after physical exertion or heat
  • Different colored irises

If these symptoms are present in an infant, they are usually subjected to a pupil dilation test. This may be followed by a physical exam and MRI to determine whether a birth injury caused the disorder. Sometimes, the nerve injuries leading to Horner’s syndrome will disappear naturally. If this does not occur, some infants may require medication or corrective surgery on the nerve. In a very small number of cases, the infant may have lifelong injuries on one side of their face.

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