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Facial paralysis is a rare birth injury that can occur when the pressure of the birth canal or the improper use of forceps temporarily or permanently damage an infant’s facial nerves.

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Symptoms & Treatments for Congenital Facial Paralysis

Facial paralysis may not be immediately apparent. Days or even weeks after delivery, a family member may notice the infant’s face looks lopsided or is not reacting normally to stimulation. The most common form of paralysis affects only the lower half of the face and controls the muscles surrounding the lips.

Symptoms include:

  • An eyelid that will not close on one side
  • Uneven facial expressions when crying
  • A mouth that does not evenly turn down when crying
  • Little to no movement on one side of the face

Some forms of facial paralysis may improve on their own, usually within a few months. Specialists from your hospital should present you with options for treatment and management of the paralysis. More severe cases of paralysis could result in permanent damage, and require complicated surgery. This surgery may include harvesting a donor nerve and muscle from the baby’s leg and transplanting it to his or her face. Besides being complex, this surgery can also be very expensive.

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Treatments, including surgery and therapy, can be costly, and nerve transplant procedures are particularly expensive. If your child has suffered severe and permanent facial paralysis from medical negligence, contact an attorney at Murphy, Falcon & Murphy. Since 1948, we have represented those wronged by institutional mistakes, and our birth injury attorneys in Baltimore can offer innovative and experienced representation for you and your loved ones.

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