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About Birth Fractures

You might be able to tell if your newborn has a birth fracture if you see swelling near the bone, a lump, redness, bruising, or visible deformity in the area. Watch also for clear signs of distress, such as inconsolable crying, crying when you touch the affected area, or inability to move the limb. Take your child to the hospital as soon as you suspect a broken bone, and request x-rays. Broken bones in infants can be difficult to detect, but they will show up on medical scans. If you notice possible fracture symptoms while still in the hospital for the birth of your child, make sure to tell someone right away.

When a doctor or nurse fails to fulfill his or her professional duties, it can result in preventable fractures to the infant’s face, clavicle, or limbs. Birth fractures can be painful for the child, and require x-rays, casts, or even surgeries in severe cases. While in most cases birth fractures won’t cause permanent damage, there are some cases in which broken bones don’t heal correctly, or cause disfigurement. If a fracture occurs at the end of a bone, it could even affect the bone’s growth. If someone’s malpractice caused your baby’s broken bone, your family deserves justice.

If your infant has suffered a bone fracture during or soon after birth in Baltimore, contact the attorneys at Murphy, Falcon & Murphy. Your child might be the victim of medical malpractice. Your family could be eligible for financial compensation to cover injury-related hospital bills, as well as both your and your child’s pain and suffering damages. Our attorneys have decades of experience representing personal injury clients in Baltimore, and we care about our community’s parents and infants. Find out if we can add you to our long list of record-breaking case results.

Birth Fractures and Medical Malpractice

No parent wants his or her child to suffer a broken bone during birth or shortly after delivery. Unfortunately, birth fractures are some of the most common birth injuries. Infant bones are delicate and can fracture easily. All medical personnel involved in the delivery of a newborn should take steps to reasonably prevent birth fractures. This can include preparing for possible birth complications, scheduling emergency cesarean sections, using appropriate birthing techniques, using birth-assisting tools properly, and handling infants with care after birth.

Birth fractures can happen when a member of the delivery staff is negligent, careless, or not diligent enough during childbirth. Failing to detect fetal distress and order an emergency C-section is an act of negligence that could cause fractures in infants, as is dropping a baby shortly after birth. Using birth-assisting tools such as forceps with too much force can shatter bones in the face and limbs. Yanking on a baby’s arm can cause fractures in the shoulder or damage to the nerves, such as a brachial plexus injury. All these are mistakes a careful and skilled medical staff would know not to make.

Trust Murphy, Falcon & Murphy with Your Birth Injury Claim

It does not matter if your child’s birth fracture was minor or severe. All infant fractures are unjust in the eyes of Murphy, Falcon & Murphy if someone could have prevented the injury. We fight hard on behalf of parents in the face of negligent healthcare providers, hospitals, and birthing centers. Birth fractures are just one type of birth injury case we can handle at our Baltimore law firm. We can help parents after any type of infant injury relating to labor, delivery, birth, or shortly after birth.

To find out whether your case has merit as a medical malpractice claim in Maryland, speak to our attorneys during a free consultation. If we believe you have a civil claim, we can help you file within the deadline. Call (410) 951-8744 for more information about your child’s birth fractures.