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Types of Nursing Home Negligence

When someone you love is in a nursing home, one of the things that you might worry about is negligence. There are several types of negligence that can take place in a nursing home, some types that you might not be aware of until there is nothing that can be done for the resident. Physical… read more


Who Is Liable In Product Liability Cases?

If you have suffered an injury at the hands of a defective or dangerous product, you’ll want to consider filing a product liability case. Product liability is an area of law that can be complex and confusing, and one of the reasons is that it can be difficult to prove liability on the part of… read more


Finding the Right Nursing Home for Your Loved One

The time comes in many families’ lives when an elderly parent or loved one can no longer live safely on their own. Moving a relative into a nursing home is a common solution for providing around-the-clock care for an elderly individual, but only if you have done your homework and selected the right nursing home…. read more


Billy Murphy, Hassan Murphy Comment on DOJ Decision to Not Federally Charge Officers Accused in Death of Freddie Gray

Murphy, Falcon & Murphy Founder and Senior Partner Judge William H. “Billy” Murphy, Jr., along with Partner Hassan Murphy, recently shared their insight on the Justice Department’s decision to not pursue federal charges against the six police officers implicated in the arrest and death of Freddie Gray, a young black man whose 2015 death in… read more


Avoiding Drunk Driving Crashes In Baltimore

In 2015, there were 513 traffic deaths in Baltimore. Thirty percent of these accidents were caused by drunk driving. Alcohol makes driving more dangerous by impairing judgement and slowing down reaction time. Drunk driving accidents can be prevented and avoided. For others on the road, it is important to know the best ways to avoid… read more


Safety Tips for Bicyclists

Unfortunately, even the safest bicyclists can still get into an accident while they are out on the street. This is often because of distracted or reckless drivers not paying attention to their surroundings on the road. Before you hit the road on your bike, you will want to brush up on how to stay safe… read more


The Difference Between Settlement and Trial

There are two general ways in which civil claims of different types can be resolved. This includes personal injury claims. A case can be resolved through a settlement or a judgment in a lawsuit. When considering a personal injury case, there are in fact two different types of settlements that potentially can occur. First, there… read more


What to Look for In a Lawyer

When someone is injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, it can be a daunting experience. Unfortunately, there are a number of things that the victim and his or her family may have to deal with in order to pursue justice. One of the things that should be near the top of the priority… read more


Attorney Szokoly Quoted in Flint Water Lawsuit Story

Murphy, Falcon and Murphy attorney Nicholas Szokoly was recently quoted at length in an article for Black Press USA due to his heavy involvement with the ongoing class-action suit against the city of Flint, Michigan. Flint’s issues with contaminated water have been national news for some time now, and Attorney Szokoly has worked closely with… read more


Judge Murphy Featured on Good Morning Washington to Discuss Charlottesville

Judge William H. “Billy” Murphy, Jr. was featured onGood Morning Washington to discuss the aftermath and implications of the white nationalist rally and subsequent violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. White nationalists took to the city streets with torches the night of Friday, August 11th, apparently in protest to a February City Council decision that would remove… read more