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Category: Medical Malpractice


Health Courts – An Exaggerated Solution to a Fabricated Problem

Phillip K. Howard, a lawyer and chairman of the government reform coalition Common Good, recently published an opinion piece in Rhode Island’s Providence Journal titled ” Why America Needs Health Courts.” Mr. Howard suggests that creating health courts is necessary to reduce the health care costs associated with medical malpractice litigation. [1] Many have come… read more


Court of Special Appeals Reverses Circuit Court Decision

On Friday, March 1, 2013, the Maryland Court of Special Appeals reversed a decision of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City which granted summary judgment to the defendant on the basis of what they argued was a deficient Certificate of Qualified Expert (“CQE”) filed by our client, the plaintiff. The ruling, which now allows the… read more


Legal Repercussions For Those Sickened At Johns Hopkins At Keswick?

Over 600 people were evacuated from the Johns Hopkins at Keswick complex yesterday afternoon after an undiagnosed illness swept through the building, sickening at least 12 people with symptoms including headaches, nausea and difficulty breathing. The incident comes just one week after a similar occurrence in which nearly two dozen people-17 of whom were admitted… read more


Suit Filed on Behalf of Former Orioles’ Umpire Attendant Ernie Tyler

In a lawsuit filed today in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City, attorneys William H. “Billy” Murphy, Jr. and Jon Simon Stefanuca allege that negligent acts on behalf of a medical practitioner resulted in the death of former Orioles’ umpire attendant Ernie Tyler. Mr. Tyler had been admitted to Genesis ElderCare Long Green Center on… read more


First Case of Hepatitis C in Maryland after Nationwide Investigation

After months of blood tests and investigations, the Baltimore VA Medical Center became the first hospital in Maryland to confirm that a patient had contracted hepatitis C from infected needles tainted by a staff medical technician. In July, a nationwide investigation began in hopes of identifying a number of hospital patients who may have unknowingly… read more


Lessons Learned from Stent Abuse

If you’ve been following medical news recently, you may have seen the allegations made against a Florida hospital chain this summer, questioning the need for many of the cardiac procedures performed by their doctors. These cases, unfortunately, are not unique. Performing costly and invasive procedures at the risk of a patient and the benefit of… read more