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Walter Lomax Awarded $10,000 Grant From the BMe Community

Posted in In The News,News,Press Releases on July 14, 2014

Thanks to his own dedicated work, things are starting to turn around for Walter Lomax, a Baltimore man who was wrongfully convicted of murder in 1967 and spent the last 40 years in jail. Mr. Lomax was recently successfully in having all charges dropped against him. Back in April, he was able to leave prison and start the long process of rebuilding his life.

Recently, Mr. Lomax was nominated for and awarded a grant from the BMe Community, a membership organization dedicated to supporting and recognizing the impact African American males have in the community. This year, Mr. Lomax was one of 10 black men in Detroit, Philadelphia and Baltimore to receive this prestigious award for “helping others and improving their community.”

Since his release, Mr. Lomax has certainly lived up to this description. He now serves as Executive Director of the Maryland Restorative Justice Initiative, an organization that advocates for humane sentencing policies. He has already announced he plans to use the BMe grant to support a reentry counseling program for prisoners at risk of second offense as a consequence of the social and psychological trauma of imprisonment.

“After so many years of gross injustice for Mr. Lomax, we’re happy to see he is being recognized in such a significant way,” Senior Partner William H. “Billy” Murphy, Jr., said of the BMe announcement. “I can think of no one more worthy of this extraordinary honor.”

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