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Update on Baltimore MTA & School Bus Crash

Posted in Bus Accidents,News on November 8, 2016

bus seatsAs more information is released, we begin to see the horror that was the collision involving the MTA bus and a local school vehicle. We previously detailed the crash, but more details regarding the circumstances have been uncovered. Here is more of what has been released.

New Footage Shows Speeding School Bus In Crash

Footage from a nearby gas station shows that just moments before the collision, the school bus was speeding. The gas station is just about two blocks from the location where the collision occurred. This is near the point when the bus struck the mustang just before going into oncoming traffic and hitting the MTA bus.

School Bus Driver Had Commercial Driving Privileges Revoked

On November 3, it was announced by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration that the driver of the bus, Glenn Chappell, had his commercial driving privileges revoked two months prior to the collision. He allegedly could not provide the agency with proof to show that he was in good health. The oversight raises questions regarding the Baltimore school system’s policy on current employee monitoring.

Driver of School Vehicle Took Seizure Medication

New reports show that investigators have ruled out mechanical errors. Further reports show that the driver of the school vehicle took seizure medication in the past. The authorities were looking into the new information, trying to determine if the 67-year-old man’s prior health condition contributed to the collision on that morning.

Murphy, Falcon & Murphy is representing many victims of the crash, and we are looking for any further information from witnesses or any other passengers on board. We aim to seek justice for our clients.

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