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Types of Nursing Home Negligence

Posted in News,Nursing Home Abuse on October 12, 2017

Nursing Home Negligence When someone you love is in a nursing home, one of the things that you might worry about is negligence. There are several types of negligence that can take place in a nursing home, some types that you might not be aware of until there is nothing that can be done for the resident.

Physical Abuse

Unfortunately, the most common type of abuse in nursing homes is physical. It could be something as simple as restraining a resident in a chair or a bed or something as severe as a worker hitting the resident.

Most of the time, the person who commits the abuse threatens the resident about telling anyone, so unless you pay attention to bruises that might be on the body or any broken bones, then you might not know that anything is going on in the nursing home.

When a caregiver doesn’t want you to be alone with the resident, then there could be something you want to find out about. You should also look for any unnecessary restraints that are on the wrists or ankles while the resident is in bed or in a wheelchair. Emotional abuse can also fall under this category.


Some nursing home workers will take money from residents that has been set aside for things like beauty care or outings with other people in the nursing home. There are workers who will locate bank numbers and take substantial amounts of money from residents without them or the family knowing.

Healthcare fraud is another type of abuse as some nursing homes will request more medications than are needed and then sell them to other facilities or doctors. They can also state that more services have been provided to the resident to get more money from state assistance or insurance companies.

Visiting your loved one in a nursing home can be difficult enough. At any point that you notice an abnormality with your family member, it’s important to take the steps needed to find a solution, one being to contact the office of Murphy, Falcon & Murphy.

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