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Statement on the Unauthorized Release of the Freddie Gray Autopsy Report

Posted in Freddie Gray,News on June 25, 2015

We are dismayed that someone leaked the autopsy report to prejudice the administration of justice and to prevent us from preparing the Gray family for the disclosure to the world of the gruesome, intimate details of Freddie Gray’s killing and its horrific physical consequences. We are also dismayed that despite our repeated requests, we have not yet received the autopsy photographs, the medical examiner’s autopsy notes, the tests performed on Mr. Gray’s body, and everything else upon which the medical examiner relied, including all related video footage, all police radio recordings, and the statements of all persons who witnessed or were involved in Mr. Gray’s arrest and transport. Without this evidence, nobody can intelligently comment about the conclusions in the autopsy report.

William H. “Billy” Murphy, Jr.
Founding Partner