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Prepare for the Most Expensive Driving Season in Years

Posted in Trucking Accident on July 10, 2018

If you’re mapping out a summertime road trip, you might want to change your plans. Today’s crude oil market is tight, which translates into the highest gas prices the nation has seen in years. Add to that an increase in road hazards, summertime construction projects, and auto accidents and you have a recipe for a very expensive driving season. Here’s how to prepare yourself for potential price inflation, as well as tips for keeping car travel safe and reasonably priced this summer.

Gas Prices Spike Around the U.S.

Every summer, gas prices tend to spike around summertime, as refineries switch to a more environmentally-friendly summer blend (one that’s also more expensive). Reports show that the average price for gasoline this summer will be $2.74 – an increase from $2.41 last summer. While that’s still a far cry from the $4.11 average the U.S. experienced during the recession in 2008, it’s enough to make many consumers nervous.

There may be hope on the horizon, however, as Russia and Saudi Arabia may agree to increase their oil production. Reports show that these countries have more than enough spare daily oil production capacity to make up for the oil losses from Iran and Venezuela. Whether this will happen or not still remains to be seen. In the meantime, consumers can save on oil prices by traveling to more local destinations for vacations this summer and/or renting an electric vehicle for the trip.

Summer Roadway Hazards and Construction Projects

Summer is a prime time for Baltimore roadway construction projects. Worksites for roadway repairs, maintenance, and new building construction can pop up all over the city. More job sites can mean more risk to drivers. Construction crews near the road, heavy machinery and equipment, new asphalt, loose gravel, uneven shoulders, and dangerous detours can all contribute to roadway hazards and problems that could damage your vehicle, such as potholes or loose rocks cracking your windshield.

Driving this summer could also mean a higher risk of getting into an auto accident compared to the rest of the year. Studies show that summertime holidays, teen drivers, tourists, overcrowded roads, more hours of daylight, crowded vehicles, and drunk drivers can all increase the risk of car accidents during the summer months. Auto accidents and vehicle damage can cost thousands of dollars in medical bills, vehicle repairs, and increased insurance premiums.

Tips for Saving Money on Driving This Summer

This summer is shaping up to be a scorcher – in terms of burning money, that is. The highest gas prices in years, more construction projects, and an increased risk of auto accidents could all put you out thousands of dollars for a little summertime fun. If you still want to hit the open road, however, you can strive to make the cost a little more manageable with a few simple tips. For example, try carpooling.

Carpooling saves everyone involved time and money. Work with your friend, family, or neighbors to arrange a way to carpool to work or on group trips this summer. Fewer vehicles on the road mean less traffic and auto accidents as well. Plus, it’s better for the environment! This summer might also be the perfect opportunity to shop for that new, fuel-efficient, electronic, or hybrid vehicle you’ve been considering.

Do yourself another favor and give your insurance company a call before summertime, just in case you get into an accident. Call to make sure you have adequate coverage for any risks or damages that may arise. Having the right insurance can do wonders in the event of a crash, as well as keep you out of legal trouble for being underinsured. Keep an accident lawyer’s number on speed dial in the event of a summertime auto accident in Baltimore.