Baltimore Burn Injuries Lawyers

When an outside element such as flames, steam, harsh chemicals, or electricity harm or kill the skin’s tissues, the victim sustains a burn. Burns can be physically painful, emotionally destructive, and leave lasting damage. Destroyed flesh, risk of infection, amputations, permanent scarring, and disfigurement can all arise out of burn injuries – not to mention long-lasting psychological harms. The legal team at Murphy, Falcon & Murphy have the resources and experience to represent burn survivors in personal injury claims in Baltimore and to fight for fair compensation in the face of negligence.

Overview of Burn Injuries

There are four main types of burns:

  • thermal
  • electrical
  • chemical
  • radiation

Thermal burns stem from an external source of heat, such as a fire, hot steam, or a burner on an oven. Electrical burns come from electricity and can happen from contact with live power lines, electrical circuits, or lightning. Chemical burns arise from acidic or base chemicals touching the flesh and destroying the tissues. Radiation burns can come from overexposure to sources of radiation, such as the sun or x-ray machines.

There are also three main burn injury degrees:

  • first
  • second
  • third

First-degree burns are the least severe and typically don’t result in permanent damage. A first-degree burn only affects the outermost layers of tissues and doesn’t injure enough to cause blistering. First-degree burns can hurt and cause redness but will typically heal without needing treatment. The only time someone should seek medical care for a first-degree burn is if the burn covers a large area on the body.

A second-degree burn can result in blistering of the skin. Second-degree burns affect the outermost layer of the skin as well as the layer directly beneath. These burns can be very painful and result in swelling of the affected area. If the burns are moderate to severe, covering a large area, or affecting the face, groin, or hands/feet, see a doctor.

Third-degree burns are the most harmful. They can damage all layers of the skin and underlying tissues and muscle and require immediate emergency treatment. Third-degree burns can require surgeries, fluids, medications, and other treatments to nurse the patient back to health.

How Can an Attorney Help?

As the survivor of a burn injury in Baltimore or the loved one of someone who did not survive, a lawyer can help. The attorneys at Murphy, Falcon & Murphy work day and night to protect the rights of accident victims and to fight for justice. We will work closely with you every step of the legal process, working on your behalf toward maximum financial compensation. We know what individual cases need to succeed and can help you grasp the future you deserve – one with financial security.

Burn injuries can be extremely taxing to survivors and their families, as well as draining on the wallet. When an accident leaves you to deal with serious injuries, physical pain, emotional suffering, medical bills, missed time at work, or permanent disability, count on attorneys with an exceptional track record to stand in your corner. Murphy, Falcon & Murphy is the legal team you need to stand up in the face of a negligent party or parties that caused your burns. Whether it’s a property owner, insurance company, or government agency, we aren’t afraid to go up against negligent parties to secure our client’s compensation.

What our firm can give you is priceless. We can give you peace of mind during a point in your life when your future feels uncertain. Our team will take care of all the aspects of your claim for you, from the initial filing process to the final settlement agreement paperwork. Let us handle your claim with the kind of care and skill it requires. Contact us to schedule a free burn case evaluation in Baltimore.