Baltimore Broken Bone Lawyer

Broken bones can be disabling, which cause you to miss time at work and lose wages. They can also rack up thousands of dollars in medical costs, on top of causing you pain and suffering. Murphy, Falcon & Murphy believes you should recover for all of these damages when someone else’s negligence caused your broken bone(s). In Baltimore, we are a trusted and reputable source of legal representation for clients in need of help with personal injury claims. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with a lawyer that will give you peace of mind and confidence during the claims process.

Negotiating a Broken-Bone Case in Baltimore

Broken bone cases are often much simpler than other types of personal injury claims because of the indisputable nature of the injury. For example, the legal process typically does not have to include an expert medical witness to prove that the injuries exist, while a case involving a soft tissue injury might. It is easy to see a bone fracture in black and white on a medical X-ray. X-rays are often all it takes to prove the existence of an injury. Medical bills, pay stubs, and receipts can prove related economic losses. It is negotiating the non-economic damages that requires the help of a personal injury attorney.

In Maryland, you can recover financial awards for your non-economic losses, including the physical pain and emotional distress a broken bone has caused you. It is these types of losses that insurance companies often try to argue down or eliminate completely. The parties in a broken bone claim often disagree on the value of non-economic damages. It is up to the plaintiff’s attorney to evaluate the case, prove the credibility of the plaintiff, and convince the jury to offer the greatest possible amount in non-economic damages.

Factors to Consider

There are many factors that could impact your bone fracture lawsuit. Prior injuries or conditions, for example, could make it easier for the defense to argue contributory negligence. The defense attorney will evaluate the plaintiff’s hobbies, health, physical traits, and more in an effort to argue against a fair settlement or jury verdict. It’s important to fight back with an aggressive personal injury lawyer. The attorney you choose to represent you can make all the difference in how non-economic damage negotiations work in a bone fracture case. Clients choose us because we have an unparalleled record of success and a reputation for excellence.

How Do Bone Fractures Happen?

In our decades of legal experience, Murphy, Falcon & Murphy has helped clients with broken bones from a wide array of accidents. Any circumstance that exerts more pressure or force on the bone than the bone can withstand could result in a fracture. Our Baltimore car accident attorneys can help you if you break a limb in an auto accident. We can also help in the event of a crushing bone injury due to a piece of equipment at work. Falling and splintering the bone in your wrist or hip or an infant suffering a broken bone from misuse of birth-assisting tools are both examples of cases that we might handle.

There is one thing that many broken bone cases have in common — someone else’s negligence. If someone breached their duty of care to you and caused your fractures, you have the right to seek damages from this party. This is true whether you suffered the injury at the hands of a negligent driver, employer, property owner, the city of Baltimore, or another party. Our firm can help you explore your legal rights and possibilities.

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No matter whether you suffered a broken bone due to a vehicular accident, workplace or construction site accident, slip and fall, defective products, sports injury or medical malpractice, be sure to call our lawyers for a free consultation about your broken bone injury. You could be eligible for damages such as your hospital bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. With our personal injury lawyers by your side, you can enter into insurance negotiations with confidence and come out with maximum compensation. We are trial lawyers ready to go to court if that’s what’s necessary for a fair recovery. Contact us for your free consultation today.