Baltimore Brain Injury Lawyer

Brain injuries can stem from auto accidents, falls, acts of violence, sports collisions, accidental drowning, anesthesia mistakes, birth injuries, and many other circumstances. Anything that causes damage to the brain, such as blunt force trauma, bleeding, swelling, or lack of oxygen, can result in traumatic brain injuries. If you believe someone caused you or a loved one’s brain injury in Baltimore, then Murphy, Falcon & Murphy wants to hear from you. We can help you understand your rights and opportunities under Maryland civil law.

How to Recover Compensation for a Brain Injury in Baltimore

The Maryland civil justice system gives injured accident victims the opportunity to file claims for their damages. Damages can be financial, such as the costs of medical bills and live-in care, or non-economic, such as physical pain and emotional suffering. Brain injuries can result in a long list of damage types, spanning from economic to psychological. Traumatic brain injuries resulting in permanent brain damage can equal a lifetime of medical bills and negative effects on the quality of the survivor’s life. The answer? Retaining an accomplished personal injury attorney.

Murphy, Falcon & Murphy prides itself on its exceptional track record of results for clients both in and out of the courtroom. We excel in negotiations with insurance companies but are also prepared to take a case to trial if necessary, in order to get maximum compensation. Our case results speak for themselves – we’ve won tens of millions of dollars for past clients throughout Maryland. For injuries as serious as those involving the brain, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Count on our law firm for an aggressive approach.

Steps to Take After Suffering a Brain Injury

In an accident involving a blow or jolt to the head, you might not know you’ve suffered a brain injury right away. In some cases, you could lose consciousness, feel dizzy or nauseous, or feel confused — all of these are symptoms of a brain injury. In other cases, however, you might feel the same way that you normally feel. The adrenaline of the accident could prevent you from feeling or noticing the injury or a brain injury could have delayed symptoms. This is why it’s important to seek medical attention right after an accident involving the head or brain so that you can have medical professionals check for potential brain injuries.

Request medical attention regarding a potential brain injury diagnosis, if applicable. Retain information such as the doctor’s name as well as the date and time you visited the hospital. Keep documents such as copies of your medical records and any prescriptions. If you called the police after your accident, obtain a copy of the official police report. The same steps should be followed if you reported the injury to an employer or property owner. The more documentation you have regarding your head or brain injury, the stronger your personal injury case will be.

The most important thing to do after a brain injury is to follow the doctor’s orders and rest. There are currently no cures for brain injuries, regardless of the cause. Doctors might prescribe rest, a lack of physical activity, and counseling and therapies to deal with cognitive issues relating to the injury. Follow your doctor’s orders exactly. Deviating from them could potentially hurt your injury claim, as it could lead to the defense arguing that you made your brain injury worse by not following the medical professional’s directions. Once you’re on the mend, your next step should be to contact Murphy, Falcon & Murphy.

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