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Murphy Falcon and Murphy Announces a Settlement of the Lawsuit Brought by the Family of Terrence Sterling

Posted in Press Releases on February 21, 2018

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 21, 2018

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Murphy Falcon and Murphy Announces a Settlement of the Lawsuit Brought by the Family of Terrence Sterling

WASHINGTON, D. C. –– Today, Murphy Falcon and Murphy announced a $3.5 million dollar settlement between the family of Terrence Sterling and the District of Columbia. On September 11, 2016, Terrence Sterling was shot and killed by Metropolitan Police Department Officer Brian Trainer. The family filed a civil lawsuit alleging Terrence Sterling’s wrongful death; the lawsuit will be resolved by the agreement reached by the parties.

“This settlement is the highest ever made by the District of Columbia involving a wrongful death at the hands of a Metropolitan Police Department police officer,” said Hassan Murphy, Managing Partner of Murphy, Falcon, & Murphy, counsel to the family. “But there is no amount of money that will bring Terrence back, and his family remains heartbroken by his loss. Hopefully, this settlement will highlight and continue the very important conversation about police violence on unarmed black men,” Murphy continued.

“The Sterling family is heartened by the District of Columbia’s handling of this matter, especially Attorney General Karl Racine’s leadership and the support of Mayor Muriel Bowser in resolving this matter without protracted civil litigation,” said Jason Downs, Founding Partner of Downs Collins, former Partner of Murphy, Falcon & Murphy, who also represented the family.


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