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Medical errors happen every day, resulting in an unfortunate number of injuries and deaths that deeply affect individuals, families, and loved ones. When this happens, the injured patient should not accept his or her injury as an inevitability and should not alone bear the damages arising from the injury.

Medical malpractice (or medical negligence / “med mal”) is a notoriously complex tort. It is essential because it offers a way for patients and their loved ones to recover compensation for injuries, suffering, and expenses incurred at the hands of healthcare providers rendering sub-standard treatment without imposing a tax burden on the rest of the public.

Murphy, Falcon & Murphy is proud to work on behalf of the amazing individuals we represent, helping them hold physicians, nurses, and hospitals accountable for the pain and injury they cause. We refuse to let our clients suffer needlessly when someone else is liable and responsible for their pain.

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What Can I Do About my Medical or Surgical Injury?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to distinguish between a poor outcome that results from normal circumstances and one that results from medical errors. Surgeries are often accompanied by health factors that can confuse patients into believing their injuries were a natural outcome. Murphy, Falcon & Murphy wants to bring justice and clarity to Baltimore patients.

Clients call us to fight for them because:

  • We’ve secured more than $700 million for plaintiffs nationwide.
  • Our attorneys are relentless, seasoned, and highly skilled.
  • We have a reputation for successfully taking on large institutions.
  • Our firm advocates for those who have been mistreated and abused.

Our diverse team of attorneys pull together their decades of skill, trial experience, and medical insight to investigate your story. We trace your treatment from beginning to end, looking for even the subtlest mistake that could have led to your pain and suffering.

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