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Doctors are obligated to provide patients with sufficient information about a procedure or proposed care so that the patient may make an informed decision. A patient’s ability to decide what treatment he or she receives is a fundamental right, and patients always have the right to refuse treatment—even if the doctor strongly believes that it is in the best interest of the patient.

Healthcare providers who perform medical care without first obtaining informed consent from the patient may be held legally liable.

A healthcare provider must supply adequate information to enable the patient to make an informed decision. This includes information describing the procedures, indications for the procedures, the risks and benefits associated with the procedures, and available alternatives.

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What Should a Patient Know Before Treatment?

Generally, receiving informed consent from a patient means that they have been given information about the following:

  • Alternative treatments
  • Length of procedure
  • Potential risk factors
  • Approximate recovery time
  • Approximate chance of success
  • The reason for performing the procedure
  • Name and qualifications of the doctor performing the procedure
  • Medical condition(s) for which treatment is proposed

If you believe that a doctor performed a medical procedure without your informed consent. You need an advocate to help you pursue damages and hold the hospital accountable for the actions of its staff.

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Informed consent cases are about one thing: your right to choose your own medical care. No matter how your doctor feels, your jurisdiction over your body is absolute. Our firm is here to fight for you if your right to determine your own healthcare has been ignored by hospitals and large institutions.

We have resolved countless cases against hospitals, doctors, and other institutions that violated the rights of patients, including:

  • $4 million in a birth injury case
  • $7 million in a negligent fetal monitoring case
  • $3.5 million for wrongful death in a police brutality case
  • $34.3 million in a carbon monoxide poisoning case
  • Multi-million dollar trust to children of a mother killed by surgical error
  • Lifelong medical care secured for a patient who caught fire due to surgical negligence

Since 1948, Murphy, Falcon & Murphy has been a symbol to the communities of Baltimore that the law is able to work in their favor—that with the right attorney, the law levels the playing field between the largest institutions and individuals. That’s a role that we have gladly held for more than 70 years. When your right to make an informed medical decision has been abused, turn to our firm.

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