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Finding the Right Nursing Home for Your Loved One

Posted in News,Nursing Home Abuse on September 20, 2017

nursing homeThe time comes in many families’ lives when an elderly parent or loved one can no longer live safely on their own. Moving a relative into a nursing home is a common solution for providing around-the-clock care for an elderly individual, but only if you have done your homework and selected the right nursing home.

Experienced in victim’s rights, our Baltimore nursing home abuse attorneys at Murphy, Falcon & Murphy know that many individuals have experienced negligence at the hands of unlicensed and ill-equipped nursing homes staffed by inexperienced workers. There are specific things families must consider when investigating whether a particular nursing home is the right one for their loved one.

First Impressions Matter

What are the sights, sounds, and smells that you notice upon arriving at a nursing home for an initial tour and inspection? Does the building appear to be clean and orderly? Are workers garbed in clean uniforms and going about their daily business in a pleasant fashion? Does the air smell fresh? Is there a hum of general activity rather than strange yelling, shrieking or moaning sounds? The right nursing home makes an effort to make a good first impression right from the start.

How’s the Food?

Ask to enjoy a meal in the cafeteria so you can judge the appearance and appeal of foods regularly served to the residents. Inquire if the nursing home accommodates any special dietary needs on the part of your loved one.

Determine the Staff / Resident Ratio

Avoid nursing homes where the staff is overworked and as a result, feeling too stressed to adequately care for an elderly individual’s needs.

What’s the Activity Schedule?

Are residents stuck in their rooms most of the day? Or are they encouraged to socialize and enjoy regularly scheduled activities to stimulate their minds and exercise their bodies?

How Does the Staff Handle Falls or other Injuries?

Ensure that the staff has the proper training and authorization to handle falls and other physical injuries, at any hour of the day or night. Nursing homes should ensure they are taking steps to help prevent these types of accidents. This includes having proper handles where necessary, accompanying specific residents in getting out of bed, and having a regular turn schedule.

Is There a History of Abuse Reported?

Make sure you do your research to learn if abuse has been reported against a nursing home in the past. Some nursing homes opt to change management and staff, but others may not take actions to right the wrongs done to residents. Speak openly with others and the staff to make sure trust is there and care is transparent.

Is Care Customized?

Must every resident conform to set rules or does the nursing home accommodate special dietary needs and services like more frequent diaper / bedding changes?

By asking questions upfront, you can better assure picking the right nursing home for your loved one’s needs. But if your loved one is currently experiencing negligence at a facility, contact Murphy, Falcon & Murphy for professional assistance today! Our Baltimore nursing home abuse lawyers are dedicated to helping clients and their families hold the negligent party financially and morally responsible for the damages sustained.

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