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East 26th Street is Collapsing Again – What Does This Mean for Baltimore Residents?

Posted in News on December 1, 2018

On Monday, November 26th, a retaining wall supporting Baltimore’s East 26th Street failed during heavy rain, causing the sidewalk to buckle and gradually sink.

Unfortunately, this is the second time that East 26th Street has collapsed in four years, which begs the question: what was done previously to remedy this issue?

If you or a loved one are a resident of the area and have concerns about your safety or any property damage, an attorney may be able to assist you with any and all of your concerns.

The Current Issue on East 26th Street

The collapse occurred on East 26th Street directly above a rail line between North Calvert Street and Guilford Avenue, where the retaining wall had failed to properly support the sidewalk.

This sinking sidewalk seems to have been caused by heavy rainfall, which remained steady through the weekend – including heavy downpours on Saturday and continuous rain through Monday afternoon.

Although the city response to this collapse was prompt, there is a legitimate cause for concern over this – especially after a more serious collapse occurred just four years ago.

East 26th Street Has Collapsed Before

In April 2014, East 26th Street experienced a sudden collapse just two blocks east of this recent incident. The entire sidewalk, including light posts and parked vehicles, fell onto the train tracks as a result of the catastrophic failure of the retaining wall.

Engineers later determined that heavy rainfall was a major contributing factor to the collapse, weakening the stability of the 100-plus-year-old wall.

The recent collapse seems to mirror this exact sequence of events and may be a source of major concern for residents in the neighborhood.

The City Promised a Closer Look Into the Issue

Immediately following the 2014 collapse, city officials stated that they would be keeping a closer look at East 26th Street, surveying the road continuously for any issues and problems. However, the most recent collapse suggests that the city may not have done their due diligence in ensuring the streets were properly fortified and the retaining walls were fully functional.

If You Have Any Concerns, We Can Help

If you or a loved one are a resident of East 26th Street in Baltimore and are concerned by any impending collapse issues, please contact the attorneys of Murphy Falcon Murphy. We understand the potentially devastating consequences of a sidewalk collapse, and with over 70 years of experience as successful trial lawyers, we want you to receive the help you need if the situation worsens.

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