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Affected by a Data Breach? What A Lawyer Can Do For You.

Posted in Uncategorized on May 23, 2018

Data breaches are more than just invasions of privacy. They can result in significant financial losses, stolen identities, and harm to your reputation. Large-scale data breaches such as the recent Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal can affect tens of millions of innocent people at once. Contact the office of Murphy, Falcon & Murphy free legal consultation if you’re the victim of any type of data breach in Baltimore. We may be able to help you seek damage recovery from the company that failed to prevent the hack.

The Danger of Data Breaches

Many consumers don’t realize something is amiss until a major corporation sends them a letter explaining the occurrence of a data breach. Others notice the issue right away when someone drains their bank accounts or parades around as them. As an individual, a data breach can be a gross invasion of your personal privacy and force you to get new credit cards, passports, driver’s licenses, and more.

As a company, a data breach could mean damaging your reputation and losing thousands of customers’ data. Unfortunately, advances in technology have resulted in an increase in major system hacks and data breaches. Cybersecurity is a vital thing for every company to have in the face of more sophisticated fraud attempts. Every company that collects sensitive customer information has a duty to protect that information as much as reasonably possible.

Health insurance companies, credit bureaus, social media platforms, and other corporations must take the necessary steps of properly updating their systems, hiring and supervising knowledgeable and attentive IT teams, and investing in security solutions. Failure to do so, resulting in a harmful data breach, could result in civil liability.

Recent Major Data Breaches May Affect You

The Cambridge Analytica issue affected around 87 million Facebook users. It started when one man, Aleksandr Kogan, created an app called “This is Your Digital Life.” To create the app, Kogan collected the data of hundreds of thousands of users who took a personality quiz. Upon taking the quiz, users agreed to allow the app to access their Facebook data for academic research purposes only. Instead of the app accessing just their information, however, it accessed the profiles of those users friends and contacts – thanks to Facebook’s privacy oversight and lack of diligence.

In April 2018, Facebook issued a statement to all users whose information went to Cambridge Analytica. If you received such a message on your Facebook news feed, review your options with one of our Baltimore attorneys. You may be able to join an ongoing class action against Facebook and/or Cambridge Analytica for the data breach. Other significant breach-related cases are also ongoing.

The following companies are all facing legal actions against them for data breaches:

  • LifeBridge
  • Facebook
  • Equifax

The list of data breaches and companies involved is long. Contact one of our lawyers as soon as you suspect someone has hacked your personal information or as soon as you receive a notice from a company warning you that a breach occurred that may have involved your profile or information. You may be eligible to recover the value of your financial losses, missed wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. The sooner you act, the sooner you can recover and move on.

Count on Murphy, Falcon & Murphy for Data Breach Lawsuits

Data breaches can entangle you in a web of issues, from having to freeze your credit to wondering if some academic from Cambridge Analytica read your personal Facebook messages. The lawyers at Murphy, Falcon & Murphy want to help you seek justice and compensation from at-fault parties and companies that failed to protect your as a consumer. We have experience handling large and small data breach claims around the nation. Call (410) 951-8744 or contact us online today to request your free consultation in Baltimore.