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Category: Freddie Gray


Andrew O. & Connell Speaks to CNN About Freddie Gray Arrest

Murphy, Falcon & Murphy’s Andrew O’Connell, a member of the legal team for the family of Freddie Gray, responds to a statement by the attorney for the Baltimore Police Union that they were justified in arresting him.


Map: Freddie Gray Arrest Timeline

The circumstances surrounding Freddie Gray’s arrest are controversial, disputed, and at best, convoluted. After a Baltimore policeman began pursuing Freddie Gray around 8:39am, at least five more stops were made before Gray was taken to the Western District police station, where paramedics were called and where Gray was taken to Maryland Shock Trauma Center. He… read more


Mary Koch Tells MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell What Still Needs to be Answered in the Freddie Gray Case

Mary Koch, Murphy, Falcon & Murphy partner and one of the attorneys representing the family of Freddie Gray, the young man who died in police custody this Sunday, appeared on MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss some of the questions that still need to be answered. As a former prosecutor, Ms. Koch… read more


CNN Interviews Billy Murphy, Jr., About Freddie Gray

Founding Partner Judge William H. “Billy” Murphy, Jr. is representing the family of Freddie Gray, the young man who died while in Baltimore Police custody. In this interview with CNN, Judge Murphy speaks about the information released by the police thus far, and how he hopes the city’s new chief prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, will proceed…. read more


MFM Seeks Justice and Truth Behind the Death of Freddie Gray

Attorney William “Billy” Murphy, Jr. released a statement regarding Freddie Gray’s death. Gray, a young black man from Baltimore, died after a forceful arrest. Authorities claim he was taken without arrest or incident for having a switchblade. However, our attorney sees things differently. In his released statement, Murphy said, On last Sunday morning at about… read more