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Billy Murphy Speaks at Criminal Bar Conference in New Zealand

Posted in Firm Updates,Freddie Gray,News on August 6, 2015

Murphy, Falcon & Murphy founding and senior partner Judge William H. “Billy” Murphy Jr. traveled to New Zealand earlier this week to speak at the Criminal Bar Association (CBA) conference in Auckland.

As part of his talk, Judge Murphy, who is the lead lawyer at Murphy, Falcon & Murphy representing the family of Freddie Gray, discussed similarities in the American and the New Zealand criminal justice systems and drew parallels between the racial disparities in the incarceration of African Americans and the Maori, the native Polynesian people of New Zealand, when compared to whites.

“If you start with the proposition that all babies are born with an equal distribution of intelligence, energy and zest for life, and the environment in which they are raised causes the resulting differences, it is simple enough to understand. It’s when people don’t understand that there’s a tendency to regard certain groups as less human or even sub human other than the underlying reason that people can’t make the logical jump between equal infants and inequality as adults.”

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